• Is the king of smoothies a nutritional or is it your sugar daddy?

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    smoothie king nutritional smoothieSmoothie King has become a name that is synonymous with working out and staying healthy.   Why has it become synonymous?  It has become synonymous because Smoothie King has promoted it as such.  Is Smoothie King actually a nutritional Smoothie?  Well, I bet you can guess.   If you actually take the time to look at the amount of sugar that is in a Smoothie King smoothie you would be astonished to know that you are consuming the equivalent of as many  as seven candy bars depending on the size an smoothie you order.  Take a look at Smoothie King website.

    Smoothie King Nutrition Chart .

    For example a SMALL pomegranate punch which advertises it’s function to “stay healthy”  packs a whopping 108 grams of sugar.  That is equivalent to over 3 snickers bars or 25 teaspoons of white granulated sugar.   It’s absolutely jaw dropping.  For less calories and more protein go grab a Quarter Pounder(410 Cal) at Mcdonald’s!  Don’t believe us?  Compare to  Mcdonald’s nutritional information

    Macdonald’s Nutrition Chart.

    How about the 32 oz. Angel Food one of the King’s most popular smoothies that help you “trim down”.  That bad boy packs a whopping 112 grams of sugar and 531 calories.   That’s the equivalent of one Big Mac or one Mcdonald’s Triple Thick Shake.  I could go on for days on the comparisons but you get the idea.

    The reason Smoothie King has so many calories and sugar is due to the syrups, sugars(turbinado), and frozen fruit that are added to your drink.  If you are looking for a nutritional smoothie out there are better choices out there.  Look for stores that use fresh fruit and no additives to make your drink.  They are just as good and a lot better for you.



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    1. jaredhaolmes@gmail.com'
      June 21, 2010 at 3:07 pm

      It’s about time someone blew the lid on Smoothie King!

    2. aivie806@aol.com'
      June 17, 2011 at 8:06 pm

      Honestly, it’s about what you order. This article uses the example of the Pomegranate Punch, but if you actually look at the nutritional value, you’ll see that it is the third most sugary of all Smoothie King smoothies. However, the low carb smoothies only have 3 grams of sugar and the Gladiator has none at all. Plus you can add fiber, vitamins to support you immune system, etc.

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